Being the holder of a number of patents and patent applications for specialized information security solutions, Praetors carries out cutting edge research in the field of IT security.

One of the core areas Praetors R&D has been covering is the implementation of high security, regulation compliant authentication by leveraging existing infrastructure and existing resources. The result of said research and development project is an original, patented solution named EPAS, that implements quality assurance for password-based authentication. By being able to perform privacy compliant password quality measurements, existing infrastructures that already use password-based authentication can become not only compliant with relevant regulations, but also raise the security level to become comparable to, if not better than, alternative and more expensive technologies such as multi-factor authentication or biometrics. By being able to effectively reuse the existing infrastructure, EPAS clients are able to reach their security and compliance goals in a matter of days and with minimal costs, without on-boarding any new authentication technologies.

Another area Praetors research has been covering is information security in retail banking, more specifically the security of ATMs. The subjects of the on-going R&D are externally authenticated ATM hard disk encryption, measured boot with cryptographic key sealing, and back-end authenticated commands for cash dispenser components. The research and solution development is being carried out in partnership with a multi-national bank.